Let me tell you about Homestuck cupcakes. 

They are surprisingly fun to make. You see, Homestuck Fandom? I’m working with you guys too.

Let’s call this Part 1. Because I really want to make a Davesprite cupcake soon.

Raise your hand if you want me to show you how to make these and more trolls in an episode of Sugar Hero!

I'm so jealous that you already have such a successful cake business :( I can't even afford to go to culinary school or to cake classes to learn basic decorating tips... my dream is to be a pastry chef ! where do you suggest I start ? tyia :3

I couldn’t afford school or classes when I graduated High School, and I was pretty lost in general. It was at the point where when teachers were asking me what college I was going to, I would start making it up. (I am a proud graduate of Bill Nye’s School for Science Guys. My parents are proud,)

Gain knowledge else where! Watch tons of Cake decorating shows, read lots of books, youtube had TONS of helpful tutorials and inspiration. (Cough Cough my youtube channel.)

Buy a bucket of fondant and some cake mixes, and PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE! I believe you in, friend.

First you cool af. Second we haven't hear you talk about homestuck in a while. How far are you? Favorite character? Hoping to do any homestuck inspired yummies?

Oh gosh. I’ve fallen deep down the rabbit hole and it’s all of you guys’ fault.

After 84 years, I’ve caught up. Nepeta is my love and we are set to wed as soon as these pesky laws are abolished. And when she becomes real.

There’s a pretty sweet episode of Sugar Hero coming up, so any ideas are totes welcome.

I think you're awesome and I've been thinking of starting my our bakery when I am an adult because I really enjoy baking! Just really wanted to say you are great!

Thank you!! I’m always hoping I’m making baking look like an appealing job, so If I ever make it look not like fun, you let me know.

Make it a rad bakery, and allow me to come in without pants. Not like those un-cool bakeries. And every other eathing establishment.

Have you watched Nerdy Nummies by Rosanna Pansino? What's your opinion on the stuff she makes?

I just discovered her channel like a year ago when she made my Deadpool cupcakes (Go check that out omg) and I’m super addicted.

Like she says, she’s not a professional and she does this stuff for fun. So I’m really just proud of the fact that she’s gotten kids/ppl who are intimated by it into nerdy baking and she’s really hella’ cute I wanna’ like hug her face. I have a lot of respect for her. Strictly professional respect. Kisses and hugs on her face. Professional  Like everywhere.

I just quit my job at a bakery and I want to start doing my own thing. I've only been doing it for a year. Any advice?

I started baking professionally after about a year too! I started watching a ton of Cake Boss and Ace of Cakes and just took it up.

As long as you are confident in what you do, and you practice often you will always be a success. Here’s some nifty tips I’ve learned after starting Nerdache Cakes almost 2 years ago: (For those of you not into cake biz, don’t worry there’s a story for you at the end)

  • The first couple cakes you do, you WILL lose money- set prices for yourself and refuse to budge past a certain price for your cakes. Let’s say you charge $4 a slice with $2 for fondant and +$ for labor per hour. You can’t charge $1500 off the bat, but you can go competitive market price, say Walmart cakes. Be smart and put yourself in the customers shoes.
  • Social Media is your friend: #Cake #NJBakery #Decorating
  • Be original! Cake trends won’t make you noticeable or memorable. And coping others will only make you sad inside. Trust me.
  • Friends are your Friends: Don’t buy into the whole ‘Competition! Argh! You are my ENEMY!’ Make friends with fellow cake decorators! They will be the ones that lift you up and welcome you into a super sweet community. GET IT? CAKE. HA.
  • PRACTICE. Buy a bucket of fondant and work on it all. Don’t settle into a niche. (I ONLY make figures. I ONLY sculpt cakes. I ONLY make cute cakes.) Practice and work hard. You will get a rhythm going.
  • Wake up early, take your vitamins/medications, and stretch. Set hours for yourself. You work from home, a kitchen- that means you are your own boss!

Okay finally the Story:

I used to be a Nanny for high-class celebrities/fashion designers/etc. So when I went to pick my kid up everyday, I’d see some familiar faces all the time.It’s 6am, I’m dropping off this kid and I had stood up all night watching Jem reruns, when some big dummy in a neon running jacket bumps into me, sends my coffee flying and my donut into a sewer drain. “YOU DUMBASS I KNOW THE PRESIDENT ILL HAVE YOUR ASS LOCKED UP I HOPE YOU DIDN’T LIKE FREEDOM BECAUSE THATS GONE, BUDDY!”

It was Matthew Broderick. (Who was hella’ nice and got me a new donut and we became bros for like a solid year and a half.)

The end

I sculpt with clay and I get colors cross contaminating when I switch from a dark color to a light color. Do you have this problem with fondant?

Oh yeah! All the time! I always start with light colors, and then go down into darker shades. It’s like working backwards. A lot of the time (As you see on Sugar Hero) I’ll wear lunch-lady gloves when mixing colors. You can get a pack of 500 for like $2!

You also just have to take a lot of hand washing breaks because I’m super sloppy. That’s what you DON’T see in SH!

Just because you are a girl you had to make a 'nerd' bakery? Do you even like half the things you say you do? Whens the last time youev even read a comic book?


Whats a cake/fandom theme you've never made but hope someone orders someday? PS: you're a cutiefaaace and ily

I’m super obbessed with Ninjago, so someone order a Ninjago cake and I’ll be happy.


You are so amazing at sculpting with cake and fondant have you ever sculpted clay?

I took a claymation modeling class once. Like, literally took it. I saw people going in a room and I took a name tag and sat down and it turns out it was a $65 class on claymation sculpting and an animator who worked on Nightmare before Christmas was guest speaking and I stole that knowledge from Megan Tambsly I’m really sorry.

What's your all time favorite show?

That’s just playing dirty

Teen Wolf is my main lady rn, but Lost Girl is pretty rad, and even if it’s fandom is non-existent, I would go to war for it any day.



How did you go about starting a youtube channel? I mean professionally. You are just doing a really good job im messing up my question but i just love sugar hero alot

Well you have to sign up for google plus but its’ worth it.

My dad helps me a lot- he actually owned a production company and wrote for several TV shows, so he gives me a lot of help. My sister is also a professional photographer, so all the lighting and pretty shots you see is her doing.

But mostly you guys- you tell me what you want to see and I cake it up! You give me inspiration and give me a good idea of fellow nerds wanna’ see!

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